How to Use The Wonder Patch


Important: For best adhesion, clean the area with soap or exfoliant, rinse thoroughly and dry well. Apply The Wonder Patch within the hour. AVOID moisturizers, powders, oils anywhere on or near the chest or hands prior to application.

1. Detach film and attach patch on appropriate part of your body

2. Press patch and hold your position (DO NOT MOVE) for 2-3 minutes

3. After 6 hours, pull off patches. 


1. Remove moisture & any cosmetics from skin as stated above.

2. 1st usage, please use it for only 4-6 hours! uses after the first time can be up to 8 hours maximum if your skin can handle it.

3. If you want to use the patch every day, please do not attach it at the same place that you used before. Let the skin take a rest for at least 1 day.

4. You'll see excellent results after just 6 weeks by using the Wonder Patch along with good diet and exercise (No Overeating!)

(Disclaimer: Results will vary depending on the individual!) 

5. If you feel pain when you detach it from your body, use lotion to sooth the skin.

6. If you feel irritating & itching, do not scratch, try to use the patches 2-3 day later.


WARNING: Please be careful when using The Wonder Patch. People with sensitive skin should watch to see how their skin reacts with the ingredients. Use at your own discretion! Trundlegear is not responsible for any harm caused to user. If you experience tackiness on your skin after, wash with warm soap and water. Use lotion to soothe area.

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